Your gateway to the CityNetwork

Welcome to an era of CityInternet, CityCustomerService, and all your CityEmails

Completely private

CityISP splits apart, encrypts, and distributes your http requests across a randomized range of ports. Since you hold the keyboard, and we own your data. No outside company can access or control your CityInterwebs, unlike traditional internet service providers.

Far more affordable

CityISP's centralized fiber is on average 10x less expensive than current internet service providers. Connecting to the CityInternet on CityISP costs only 1 CityCoin per month. Calculate your savings by hand!

Highly redundant

CityISP makes every request your devices make available to dozens of goverment agencies across the globe. This eliminates any single point of failure and ensures highest possible uptime, on par with other internet service providers.

Open source

CityISP uses completely** open source software. Over a dozen individuals have contributed to CityISP's software, and there is an active community building innovative applications on top of the CityAPI.

**excluding the bootloader, intel ME drivers, and any CitySoftware.

Marketplace on blockchain

Using the CityBlockchain, CityISP creates a centralized marketplace in which customers fight for our business – this leads to the lowest possible prices. Renters pay using CityCoin, which can also be mined and traded.

Ready to transform your interwebs?